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Environmental Policy

At Also the Bison we have always been passionate about the environment and ensuring that our creations are produced sustainably. 
As a UK based company, we try to work as much as possible with local, UK-based businesses as this reduces the miles that our products have travelled to get to you. You can also be confident that we work hard to ensure everything is made as ethically as possible, working with small printers who care about their staff. If you would like more information about our supply chain, please get in touch. 
Where possible, we try to use recycled materials in our products. Many of our paper products including our greetings cards and notebooks are made from recycled paper and card. A lot of energy goes in to creating new paper and by using recycled paper we are extending the life of the trees. Our packaging is often made from recycled materials too, like our kraft paper envelopes included with every greetings card! 
We use a range of all natural materials in our products. Unlike products that contain plastics such as melamine, polyester and elastane, this makes our products biodegradable, so they will have no lasting impact on the planet. Materials we love include luxurious silk which we use for our scarves, hard-wearing cotton which we use for our cushions and pouch bags and responsibly sourced wood which we use for trays, earrings and decorations! 
We're working hard to make as many of our products as possible vegan. At the moment there is no sustainable, plastic-free alternative to silk available to print in the UK that meets our quality standards, but we take care to ensure that our other products do no harm to animals at all! 
Not only do we ensure that our products are plastic free, they are shipped to you plastic free too! Our boxes and tissue paper are made from recycled materials and they are sealed with paper stickers and tape.