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Frogs! 🐸

Honestly, it's a mystery to me why it's taken me this long to create a print inspired by poison dart frogs. They are small, cute, come in almost every colour, and are a little bit weird (and very poisonous!) - they are absolutely what I look for in a subject when I am starting a design. 


This is a Dyeing Poison Dart Frog that I saw at Amazon World on the Isle of Wight. He's only about 5cm big, and he's one of the largest species of poison dart frog! Most dart frogs are smaller than a thumb nail.

Despite their tiny size, they are some of the most poisonous animals in the world, and it's thought that their bright colourings were developed as a warning mechanism to predators. They don't produce the poison themselves, but become poisonous due to their diet of toxic bugs. The brighter the frog, the more toxic it is!

Most dart frog species have a number of different colour 'morphs', which gives them each different colours and patterns. The challenge for me was whittling it down to under thirty different frogs to paint! 


When I first started Also the Bison, I concentrated far more on the design than on the accuracy of the animals I was painting. Now, I try to make sure all the species are as accurate as possible - though sometimes I still do need to take a little liberty in order to make the print look good (sadly there are no real purple poison dart frogs). I'm really happy with the colours of this print, and the vibrancy of the frogs against the deep jungle green background. 
So much so, that I've launched this print on a full size silk scarf, my first of 2021! There's no better way to celebrate these little frogs than on the glossy fabric of silk. 
But don't worry, this print is featured on all my stationery too. 
Click the link below to shop the full range: 

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