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It seems that every January I sit down and have a think about my packaging. This isn't a coincidence, I am always low on supplies after the Christmas rush and it's a good time to review what worked well at the busiest time of the year and what could be improved. 

The results of a very late night packing up Black Friday orders! 

After several late nights packaging it was clear I needed to speed up the process, but I didn't want to lose any of the excitement of receiving an Also the Bison gift in the post. 

One of the best additions I think I made last year was the moth stamped on the inside of the box, as this is the first thing you see when you open your parcel. However, stamping both the inside and outside of the box with my logo was becoming an increasingly long process. My solution? Stickers! 

I have designed these stickers to look like vintage stamps! Each features one of my ink insect illustrations from my Bugtober challenge, and there are five different designs to collect. I love the fact that this gives each Also the Bison package an even closer connection to Naturalists of the past. After the penny postal system was introduced, Naturalists would send each other specimens that they had caught in the post, so that each collector could have a complete collection no matter where they lived! There are some very entertaining stories of live sea urchins being sent in cardboard boxes and arriving very soggy and very squashed - but fortunately since our specimens are all illustrated this won't be a problem. 

Stickers were also here to save my other problem - sealing each parcel. I work hard to make sure that all my packaging is entirely recyclable and although I loved my eco hoof-print tape, the biodegradable adhesive had to be moistened before each application. I was also concerned that I was importing a lot of this tape from Italy whereas I try to buy all my packaging from the UK to reduce air miles. I will still need to use this tape on larger orders to make sure everything is safe inside, but reducing my consumption will reduce how much travels overseas! These stickers are just as eco friendly and are printed with vegetable inks in the UK. Aren't they cute? 

So here is my brand new packaging! What do you think? 

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  • I love your vintage critters stickers and the amount of thought you’ve put into the sustainability of your packaging. I think there’s a good connection between natural history curios and paper ephemera – it’s all about appreciating the details. I’m sure your other customers will too!

    Holly B

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